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For more than 75 years, the USSIM Vacances Group has been working to offer you exceptional memories, in its exceptional establishments which share the same values. Around our motto "Authenticity, Conviviality, Pleasure", we want to offer you unique moments, charged with emotions, with the members of your family, your friends or your collaborators, in the heart of the mountains or by the sea. Group establishments are carefully chosen to offer travelers authentic holidays in hotels on a human scale. Proximity, exchange and sharing will be there. USSIM Vacances is hotels with holiday village services!

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Over the years, we have been able to adapt to modern tourism without denying the main principles and values that we have always shared with you. Discover our establishments by the sea and in the mountains: the Domaine d'Aiguebelle, the Hotel-Restaurant Les Essarts, the Chamois d'Or and the Hotel la Villa Bettina.

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The values of USSIM Vacations

The philosophy of the USSIM is to promote human relations, meetings, to exchange with the people around us and to bring people together around friendly moments. Our goal is always the same, “to make holidays accessible to everyone”. The advocated values are: sharing, conviviality, pleasure, listening and human. USSIM Vacances is an association open to all and recognized as being of public utility, we reinvest part of our profits in charitable actions.

Meet the director
Director's word

“I arrived in 2017 at headquarters, I was not at all in the tourism sector, but more in the sports sector. It was by co-managing a campsite in the Ardèche that I got a taste for tourism, seeing an opportunity. The USSIM is still part of my environment and my life, because already 30 years ago, I went on a family vacation with the USSIM. I was a client and now I'm the manager. »

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A team of enthusiasts

On average, a team of 25 people make up the USSIM Group. All share common values and believe in the precepts advocated by the group. Despite the age of the group, we are trying to modernize it by digitizing it to promote dialogue with our holidaymakers. At headquarters, new young employees arrive, their heads full of ideas. In the establishments, we want to stabilize the governing bodies to always improve the quality of services.

The USSIM Group in a nutshell
Ambitions and strengths

Our strengths are our proximity to our travelers, our verbal exchanges by telephone, our quality/price ratio and our ability to question ourselves. Our ambition is to remain on a human scale, we want to develop while keeping the holidaymaker at the center of decisions. We want to offer the best service at affordable prices!

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We want to continue to offer you comfortable stopovers. We regularly set up offers and services adapted to each destination and to all holidaymakers. Formulas for professionals, for families, for groups, for couples or for athletes can be proposed. Organize tailor-made stays in one of our four dream destinations!

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